Beauford Wedding Cars

The finish of these vehicles is nothing short of stunning, many hours of labour goes into a high specification wedding car, but also credit goes to the factory for creating a product of such high quality as a base to build a wedding car on.


Today’s modern Bride, is constantly searching for something different to impress her guests on her special day. The Beauford Open Tourer, with its timeless vintage design, is a popular wedding car that will help to make the bride stand out from the crowd. It is a stunning quite unique eye-catching vehicle, which combines all the comforts of a modern car with leather seats, rear wood door cappings and dashboard, plush carpet and the elegance of the 1930’s.

Complimentary Champagne IncludedComplimentary Champagne
Complimentary Water IncludedComplimentary Water
Chauffeur Meet & Greet IncludedChauffeur Meet & Greet